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About Allianz Sweeper

The History of Allianz Sweeper - (Company Profile PDF )

Allianz Madvac, Inc. is one of the world's leading producers of specialized cleaning equipment. Headquartered in Boucherville, Quebec. The company operates out of three facilities, in Ontario California, New York City New York, USA and Boucherville, Quebec Canada.

All facilities are modern state of the art and over 130,000 sq ft each. The Boucherville facility was purpose built in 2004.

The company is privately owned by senior management following a Management Buyout in May of 2005. The company's origins date back to 1947 with the creation of Wayne Sweepers. The company currently sells 14 different product models with sales in excess of 100 million dollars on an annual basis.

The product offering is one of the most extensive in the world ranging from off road litter collectors, to specialized compact special area sweepers to large road sweepers.

The company sells and services its products though a network of independent distributors in over 82 countries worldwide. The company has a reputation of providing quality products in a wide range of applications. Major customers include New York City, California Department of Transportation, City of Montreal, City of Toronto as well as export customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

The company was the first sweeper company in North America to be ISO 9001 certified when they moved into the Ontario, California facility. The company implemented the same quality standards and processes into their Boucherville and New York operations.

Road Sweepers

An Allianz road sweeper can be found cleaning ship's cargo holds, quarries, cement plants, construction projects, universities, zoos and private communities. Besides sweeping city streets and highways, our road sweeper can be found on airport runways, cleaning coal dust from railway tunnels, collecting litter and hazardous materials in landfill sites and access streets.

They clean royal palaces, racetracks and stadiums. Our road sweeper machines can be found working behind milling machines, in sawmills, smelting plants, coal docks and just about everywhere else you could imagine. In fact, from Alaska to Argentina, from Moscow to Mexico and in virtually every country on earth, Allianz road sweeper machines are hard at work.

Built To Work

Allianz sweepers are uniquely manufactured. With our comprehensive range of machines we're able to offer a complete line of truck sweepers and outdoor vacuum litter collectors for every cleaning application. Allianz Madvac Inc. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of outdoor street cleaning equipment. Allianz street sweepers can be found operating in over 125 countries, helping cities stay clean and beautiful.

Our vacuums' can perform numerous tasks ranging from parking lot cleaning to road brushing. Our cleaners meet the toughest challenges of durability, consistent quality and extraordinary value. Our cleaners can do more heavy-duty litter pickup than any other sweepers around.